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     + Additional hour - $150
     + Double prints of 4x6 photos + $50

     + Digital photos on a USB/CD mailed to you - $15
     + BYO Scrapbook - $50 [bring your own scrapbook + supplies + WE complete]

     + DIY Scrapbook - $0 [bring your own scrapbook + supplies + YOU complete]

     + Memorybook - $125 [Done after the event, a professional binded book]

     + Early setup time/down time - $25/hour [if more than 30 mins]

     + Travel Fee - $1/min  [if location more than 30 mins. outside of Houston]
     + Customized backdrop - $225 [7ft high x 6ft wide+ design + shipping + delivery + setup]


Add some fun to your event, make an impression on guests. FunPix Photobooth is an open air studio style photobooth.  Gone are the curtain drawn photobooth or as we like to call it confessionals.

Photobooth and weddings, parties, or corporate events are simply a perfect match. Photobooths make weddings more memorable and fun for everyone.  Guests of all ages almost always stay later when there is a photobooth present.  Use the pictures as parting gifts for your guests.


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